About Gwen Kitching

II have drawn and painted almost continually since early childhood. At school I was often in trouble for drawing (mainly horses) all over the covers and often inside, my textbooks. If there were a blank space and a pen or pencil in my hand horses would appear almost by magic. Even now if I am in any meetings and they get boring the same thing happens!

I became a Heraldic Artist for 16 years during which time I did little work on my own account as it was difficult  to find much enthusiasm for it when I had spent 8 hours painting already. When I left there I found my own work was heavily influenced by the distinct style of heraldry and it took some time to free myself from it.

 At this point I decided to make a career change. I was not happy with my artwork, so I looked to my next interest and started to take the Technology Foundation course with the Open University. It truly did change my life and I found I enjoyed it so much I enrolled with Hull University as a mature student taking a joint degree in Environmental Biology & Physical Geography. There was little opportunity to find work in this area so I continued with my studies with the OU and took a range of science and technology courses until I completed my degree with them.

A very difficult number of years followed when I was only able to follow my artistic ideas sporadically.

I mostly painted wildlife and pet portraits for some time but improving my knowledge and techniques. Always  at the back of my mind was the desire to take my art more seriously and see if it was liked and  saleable. So now the time has finally come, the last few painful years are behind me and I am going to pursue my art as I have always wished to.


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East Yorkshire UK

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