These are some of my commissioned animal portraits

I can create portraits of any animal that you can supply  a good photograph of. Prices start from £90 for  unframed A4 size incoloured pencil. Please contact me or visit my Facebook page at


This was done by request as a tribute to the photographer Albert Horseborough with permission of his family. Coloured pencil on drafting film


A going away present for her owner. Ruby can climb ladders! Coloured pencils on Canson Mi Tieintes paper.


Christmas commission. This beautiful cat has been created on pastelmat paper using pure coloured pencil.


My rescue cat Chloe. coloured pencil on pastelmat paper

peregrine falcon

Peregrine Falcon in coloured pencil. photo used with permission of the client.

scottish otter

A scottish sea otter in pastel pencil. Original photo used with permission of Scottish natural heritage


Bear - a Staffordshire Terrier. Coloured Pencil on A3 pastelmat


Asha - Yellow labrador. pastel pencil on A3 pastelmat.


An older crossbreed girl. Pastel pencil on A3 pastelmat.

Digger - a terrier mix

Coloured Pencil. One of a series of three for the same owner

Digger - a terrier mix

second of a series of three for the same owner

It's Mine!

Speaker was a foxhound puppy being fostered by a nearby stables. He and his brother were constantly fighting over things. I found him guarding this paper cup in the hay barn.

Charlie the Girl

My own rescue dog Charlie (the girl). She was a poodle/terrier cross and came to me at four years old. Sadly she is no longer with me but this portrait keeps her close

Misty Moo

Another agility dog for the same owner as Kayleigh. I just loved this photo of her on the couch. A3 coloured pencil on Ingres paper

Kayleigh Border collie

The same owner as Misty Moo and Hanson. Kayleigh was caught in mid flight over her owners fence. Just loved doing such a great action shot!