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Among the Animals

Last week my friend Gill and I went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster. We are members of a ameteur digital camera group so we went as a group to take advantage of group booking prices.

It's a great place to go and still under construction. I'm not normally keen on zoo type places but the enclosures for the larger animals are very good and fairly natural. The highlight is probably the polar bear enclosure. It has two of the proposed four areas completed and it is already huge with currently 2 water areas that are too small to be called lakes but far too big to be called ponds. The walkway goes over the enclosure so it is easy to get good photos.

The lemur enclosure is my favourite as you can walk freely inside, rangers ensure no harm comes to the animals and I have some wonderful photos of them.

It is difficult to get good reference work if like me, you want to paint animals but have no way of visiting them in their own habitat. I hate working from other people's photos and I have stopped doing it. I went last year and have so far created one painting of the visit which I will post later. I'm hoping to get started on others in the very near future - watch this space!

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