• Gwen Kitching

Tea and Carrot cake in an 11th century Manor House

Had a great weekend exhibiting at the Bishops Manor Art show in Howden Yorkshire. I Sold 4 pieces and a sketch that I did while at the show. It was busy both days and it seemed that most of the artists and makers there also did well. I was fortunate enough to share my display space with Larry Malkin who is currently the Artist in Residence for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust at the newly renovated Spurn Lighthouse. Many thanks to my good friend Gill Gibson who manned (or should that be womaned?)the stand with me for most of the weekend and kept me going with carrot cake and tea! These are 3 of the paintings I sold, the fourth I forgot to take a picture of. I also sold a sketch of a horse that I did on the day. I wish all my customers much pleasure from their purchases!

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