• Gwen Kitching

Accepted - and I didn't know!

Just as I was leaving home to walk Tia my phone rang:

Voice: Is that Gwen Kitching?

Me: Yes

Voice: Did you enter the Ferens Open Exhibition with a work called "Bristle cone Pines?"

Me: Yes

Voice: Where is it? Delivery closed yesterday and it's not here.

Me: WHAT! it was rejected.

Voice: No it wasn't, it was accepted - can you get it here today, then it can still go in.

Me: on my way now!

It seems when I got the rejection slip all three were shown and opened together by my email programme and it only showed the top one with the words " thank you for your submission - unfortunately you have not been successful on this occasion.....

I didn't look further to see underneath was an acceptance slip! Thank you Vanessa for taking the time to phone me and check :-)

How lucky am I?!!

Bristle cone Pines, Graphite pencil, my own reference

#Graphite #FerensOpenExhibition #pencilArt

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