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17 years in the making - and now its gone!

Last time I posted I told you that my graphite drawing was accepted for the Ferens Open Exhibition in Hull. It has a bit of a back story that I'd like to share.

My husband Paul and I had always wanted to go to to the USA for a western riding holiday. In 1999 we did just that Staying on a dude ranch for a week and then moving to Yellowstone for a further week. It was probably our best holiday ever. We had just visited the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and as we were leaving I saw this stand of old Brittlestone Pines some tall and strong others old and leaning. I love trees especially worn and twisted ones. I took their photographs.

After returning home I eventually started the drawing of them. Before they were completed Paul was diagnosed with MS. He needed much care and my art took a back seat. The pines were lost and eventually forgotten. I was widowed in 2014 and for several years could not find the enthusiasm to do any art.


Last year I was sorting out my old art cupboard and discovered the pines again. I was trying to re start painting and thought that I'd try and finish them. Eventually I did and then because I had actually enjoyed the process I tried another graphite tree. I enjoyed that too and to cut a long story short I began to regain my former enthusiasm and joy.

Since then I have done many artworks, large and small and feel renewed.

And the Bristlecone Pines that started me on the road to recovery? Someone must have loved them as much as I do - they are sold and will not come home...........

May they give their new owners as much pleasure as they did me

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