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My artwork is growing - and shrinking!

I have previously always worked quite small when producing artwork. A3 (11.7" x 16.5 ") was as large as I had done. As a coloured pencil artist puting down many layers with the point of a pencil was a real test of my patience - and I'm not a patient person! However after doing a large comission in coloured pencil I found I did quite like the larger format. So this year I have tried producing larger work in half imperial (22" x 15") and pastelmat 1/4 sheet sizes (19" x 14") sizes. I also have been trying pastel pencils as well as coloured pencils and these are much quicker to work with.

The new large works are: "Forever Watchful?" a trio of endangered African Wild Dogs in coloured pencil, "Zebra Calling" a Zebra stallion also on coloured pencil and "You almost scared the spots off me!" a leopard cub in pastel pencil.

But I also decided to go small too and have produced my first range of A6 cards: "summer meadow" Soft pastels, of an area near my home."Harvest Mouse" in soft pastels and coloured pencils, "Coming Closer" graphite elephant and "Zebra Stallion"

These will all be on display and for sale at the Bishops's Manor Art Exhibition in Howden. So If any of you are in Howden Yorkshire on 30 June and 1st July do stop by and say "Hello"!

Its also Howden Show on the Sunday so another reason to come to Howden

Hope to see you!

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