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60 layers later.........

The snow leopard is finally completed! I lost count of the hours spent on this one but I think it was worth it. I have learned my lesson which is "when you think it is finished add some more layers!"

I have always been frustrated by my inability to get the detail I see in the work of other pencil artists but being largely self taught I did not understand why. The workshop I attended with Lisa Ann Watkins showed me that i was just stopping too soon. I would normally use about 20 layers and then felt I had filled the tooth of the paper so I stopped (not helped by the fact that I am a very impatient person and CP is one of the very slowest of mediums to use).

Lisa showed me how to keep going getting more depth and colour mixing with each thin layer.

This is the result:

I have since used the same technique on another coloured pencil piece and will post later

Class with all the leopards at the end of 2 days.

This is our group and their leopards at the end of the weekend!

This is how far I completed it shortly before the end

The other is mine just before finishing

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