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Chloe Goes International!

I am very excited to announce that my portrait of my cat Chloe has been chosen for inclusion in the "Hidden Treasures vol:6" by Ann Kullberg. This is an event for coloured pencil artists promoted by Ann to further the acceptance of Coloured Pencil as a fine art medium It is held every 18 months There were close t0 900 entries submitted for approval this time from all parts of the globe.

This is from Ann's website www.annkullberg.com

Every 18 months or so, we put out the call for artwork for Colored Pencil Treasures, which represents the very best of contemporary colored pencil art. The response is always tremendous and we receive many more works of art than we can include in that "best of the best" volume. This year, there were more than 900 submissions for only 112 slots.

That's why we bring you CP Hidden Treasures. While not included in the CP Treasures book, the 208 curated artworks included in this magazine-style publication are still very deserving of being seen, recognized, and treasured. They are hidden no longer.

This gorgeous book includes artists from all over the world. It's ready and waiting to inspire everyone who loves and admires truly beautiful colored pencil art.

My first time entering so I am well pleased!Chloe was a rescue cat I found her starving in the snow some 10 years ago. I have never seen any animal so thin. I brought her home even though the dog I had then was not very fond of cats. Long story short her owner could not be found even though she was chipped. So I kept her. She and the dog became firm friends. But I could never get a photo I was satisfied with as she always ran off if I pointed a camera at her. I finally caught her with my phone camera. I have managed another one and I like them both Which one do you prefer?

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