• Gwen Kitching

Christmas cards in the making!

Each year I create a set of five Christmas cards to send to my friends and to put up for sale for those that like cards with a traditional feel while being original and not mass produced I am a bit behind at the moment due to completing work for exhibitions..

I create them all ar A4 size so they will look good when reduced for printing. I also make them with enough space for a Christmas Greeting while keeping them balanced enough to be used as conventional cards.

This year I have chosen a Fox , ahare, a snowy owl a squirrel and a tiger. .

The first three are now complete and shown here. First is a Mountain hare This is done with a pan pastel background for softness and the hare is pure coloured pencil and a slice knife for the details.

The second is always popular - a red Fox. . I think the rich russet colour of a foses coat contrasts beautifully with the coat and is a very christmassy sort of colour. Done in a similar manner to the Hare. The snow was a particular challenge as coloured pencils do not suit placing pure white over a darker colour so a little soft pastel and Derwents Chinese White drawing pencil came to the rescue!

And the last to date is the Snowy Owl. This has been done a little differently as there was so much while in the picture. This time i used watercolor paper and a watercolour wash for the snow and background hills. The hedgerow remnants were worked with several sizes of technical pen. This was a real change for me as I rarely use watercolor paint. It is too keen on doing it's own thing and I prefer it to stay where I put it. But i do love working in pen and ink. i don't use it as much as I would like to .

If you are interested in viewing or buying any of these cards please go to https://www.lovefromtheartist.com/artists/gilberdyke/gwen-kitching

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